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  • Yucatan Real Estate on the Beachfront – Progreso


    When people think of Yucatan real estate, the first image the comes to mind is a charming lifestyle in one of Mexico's classic colonial cities – the state capital of Merida. While the excellent real estate opportunities, relaxing warm-weather lifestyle, and low cost of both of these offered by Merida justify this association, like the neighboring area of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, the state of Yucatan also offers excellent options for Mexico beachfront for sale.


    Yucatan's beachfront areas start about 30 minutes away from Merida in the town of Progreso. Unlike many of Mexico's beachfront communities, Progreso has a history dating back fairly far, with a number of excellent options in historic homes – some fully restored, others available as personal renovation projects. In the outlying areas, there are also new Mexico condos for sale, in a style very much similar to those so many people like in the bigger tourist areas.


    One advantage to Progreso is that it's very small, and "back from the beach" would mean a maximum of 4 blocks, or a 5-10 minute walk! The favorite location is 1 block back, since prices are a fair bit more accessible, and there is shelter from any extreme weather. Needless to say, many expats live happily in classic old homes or new condos directly on the beachfront, for prices unimaginable anywhere else. Progreso includes a number of supermarkets and shopping options, and is less than 30 minutes from one of Merida's newest shopping areas.


    Running west from Progreso there is a series of small beachfront towns, which offers similar low prices. A favorite area includes the Emerald Coast, which is likewise a series of beachfront villages, offering a quiet, relaxing lifestyle that many people dream of.


    If you've been dreaming of paradise on the beach, but think you can't afford it, try Yucatan's beachfront.

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